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MYAVA Watchline – Voicing Awareness

Driven to go beyond even his already incredibly giving and service oriented profession, Panaligan has developed the MYAVA Watchline to help children suffering from a variety of issues. The name MYAVA stands for My Accessory Voicing Awareness.

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Garden City Movement – Terracotta

Together the Garden City Movement trio of Joe, Roi and Johnny produce a blend of sounds drawn from their diverse cultural worlds, ranging from sweet hypnotic beats to floor based tracks. Title track ‘Bengali Cinema’ continues the “gregarious, dancefloor-primed attitude” (Pitchfork) of their debut ‘Entertainment’ EP while ‘Love + Loss’, ‘Lir’ and lush opener ‘Terracotta’ explore more horizontally aligned vibes. The EP tracks will be supported by an exclusive remix by Tricky, whose connection with the band has developed with them providing a track for his next album.

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Filling Pieces Drop Their Handmade SS14 Range

Filling Pieces were established in 2009 by owner and designer Gullaume Philibert Chin who set about creating a premium sneaker, made of the best possible fabric to bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end footwear. Launching with a low-top limited to only 50 pairs, Phlibert maintained his commitment to quality with every trainer and shoe remaining handmade and created using the finest leather, nubuck and other fabrics based on an Italian Margom vulcanised rubber sole.

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G FrSH Talks With Carly About Rebuilding The UK Urban Scene

With his brand new video ‘Falling High’ dropping recently, Disturbing London’s G Frsh talks exclusively to Carly Wilford about the recent changes in the UK urban music scene and how he thinks it can start to be rebuilt.

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Carbonation Makes Drinks Taste Good Right?

So the guys over at Mental Floss finally looked into what makes drinks bubbly? The science is pretty simple: Carbonation is a solution of carbon dioxide gas in liquid water. If kept under pressure, the carbonation is maintained—normally, the bottle or natural spring serves this purpose.

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Automotive CGI & Retouching Works by Zerone

Zerone is a studio based in Dusseldorf, Germany and they are specialising in retouching, computer animation and digital photography. Worked with some of the well-known automotive companies out there, Zerone surely brings the cutting edge to its genre.

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